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PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY GRAIN FREE FOOD.  It is linked to heart disease in goldens retrievers.

We use Purina Pro Plan Sport 27/17, 30/20, or 26/16 all ages.



Purina One Wet Food, grain inclusive: rotate proteins to prevent allergies

Suppliers, most grocery stores, Tractor supply, Walmart, Chewy, Amazon

Since Prices are sky high, we also rotate lower cost foods that provide balanced nutrition such as

Victor Beef and Rice 

Purina One

Important supplements

Fish and Olive Oil blend (50/50)

Grizzly Pollock Oil Dog & Cat Supplement. Small pump included with puppy. Olive oil should be cold pressed virgin

NuVet Vitamins for boosting the immune system. Order Code: 51682

Whimzee dental chew

Minties dental chew

Dogzymes Cran Tri C , Vitamin C Blend. Give to puppies till 2 to strengthen ligaments and cartilage. Helps to avoid hip problems

Beef Gelatin Powder strengthens ligaments and cartilage

Marine Gelatin Powder strengthens ligaments and cartilage

Turmeric pills in a meatball or pill pocket to build immune system and help prevent cancer


  • We recommend made in USA treats

  • The best treats are natural like carrots, green apples, sweet potatoes, bananas, zucchini, cucumber & watermelon. Start your puppy on fruits & vegetables when they’re young and they will love them for life!

  • Raw beef, lamb, or goat bones

Old Mother Hubbard Mini biscuits. healthy low calorie cookies

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Training, Equipment & Accessories

Training clicker

Poochie-Bells potty training bell, I can’t imagine how I lived without one!

Bitter chew deterrent – a MUST with a new puppy!

Washable pee pad

Leash, My favorite is the rope style

Puppia baby harness till 16 weeks, medium

No pull harnesses. USE FRONT CLIP ONLY.

Do not use harnesses that restrict shoulder movement. We like these

Food bowl. We really like a large stainless bowl. They are sanitary, easy to clean, virtually indestructible, and help to prevent pink (snow) nose

Stainless slow feeder bowl 

Water Bowl. We LOVE a nice stainless bucket. Most plastics leach chemicals into the water which can build up in your pups body. Make sure the handle does not have loops where it attaches to the pail. Your pups collar can get stuck on the loops in the crate.

4 quart

2 quart

Potty bags 

Crate. Even if you don’t want to crate your dog, a crate is handy for emergencies and travel. Just leave it open with a bed and toys inside, and your puppy will become attached to it; it will be their safe place.

Juvenile/Adult crate: 42” double door metal with divider

Crate Bed. Must be washable

Dog Bed. I Love this one!  

Baby gate

Puppies should not be left to roam the house on their own. If they are not in a crate, you will want to confine them to an area that is safe. Baby gates are an ideal solution to confining the puppy in the kitchen with you while cooking, or in the living room while watching TV. It only takes a second for a puppy to get a hold of electrical cords, toilet paper or other items that at best will make a mess, but at worse will result in a trip to the vet.

If you have stairs, you will want to prevent your Golden pup from using them as a play ground. We strongly discourage letting your puppy traipse up and down the stairs since it is so stressful on their developing joints.  Occasional use is OK.

Our favorite gates

Heavy duty, stand alone:

Nice wide for doorways, stairs, and hallways:

Extra wide for doorways, stairs, and hallways:

Xpen for outdoor safety:

Outdoor dog fence for safety:

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Grooming & Hygiene

Nail clippers & file:

Cordless Dremel, 12v:

Styptic Powder in case you cut the nails too short:

Slicker brush for weekly brushing:

Pin brush for daily brushing:

Deshedding blade. You should only need to use this a couple times a year

Scissor set for trimming paw pads, grinch feet, and pants

Lint Brush

Lint Roller

Tooth brush and toothpaste

Shampoo, Isle of Dog puppy shampoo:

Shampoo, MinkSheen:


House Deodorizer. We LOVE K.O.E. I use it as a cleaner for potty accidents, as an addition to laundry, and as an outside wash in the potty area

Potty cleaner enzyme, a must when potty training. Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength

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Toys & Hunting​

We like Chuck-it balls, Dr. Noy’s toys, PipSqueakers, Puppy Kongs, nylabones etc.

​Gun Dog Supply for Hunting

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