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Our Story

I'm a Washington State Native with a passion for all creatures. My love of animals began when I worked at a veterinary hospital at the age of 12. 

We are a very small conservative breeder located at the Great Bend of Hood Canal in the quaint town of Union, WA. Our goldens  are loved companions and we spoil them every chance we get. We also have breeding rights to other dogs, but they live in Guardian homes and are also raised as pets. We do not re-home our dogs when they retire from breeding. They are family.

We are dedicated to responsibly preserving and improving the purebred Golden Retriever. Our dogs are OFA, and/or PENN HIP certified, genetic tested, and two years or older before we even consider breeding. If any of our dogs fail certified testing, they are not bred. Most of all, our dogs are members of our family and loved like our own children.

Our pups have become show, therapy, scent, hunting, and beloved companions. Furthermore when you decide to buy a Big Bend Golden pup you become a member of an extended family. We are involved for the lifetime of your pup and beyond. We also understand that sometimes there are difficult situations we all bear. We will take back any of our dogs no questions asked for their lifetime.

Nutrition and Health

We feed our dogs and puppies high quality grain INCLUSIVE large breed food and supplements, provide holistic care for minor ailments, vaccinate, and microchip. Our dogs are fed Purina Proplan topped with my homemade meat and rice stew. We supplement with probiotics and enzymes, fish and olive oil, beef gelatin, and turmeric. 

We do not alter the body of our puppies; dew claws are kept intact to reduce early onset of arthritis. Our puppies have attached dew claws, meaning they are attached to the skeletal system and act as a thumb. We also do not recommend altering our dogs until 2 years of age at minimum to allow their bodies to mature naturally.

Puppy Care and Socialization

Our puppies are whelped in our home, and watched closely until about 2 weeks when they are moved into the home nursery.  We also perform early neurological stimulation exercises on our puppies from day 3 to day 17. The exercises are part of the “Bio Sensor Super Dog” program created by the US Military. 

Normally we have many visitors that help to socialize our puppies. Additionally our puppies play in our family room with us throughout the day and evening. They learn how to live in a home and become familiar with vacuums, blow driers, loud music, and television. They also receive frequent baths & nail clipping, weigh-ins, and brushing.

Pictures and Video

We provide frequent pictures, videos, and live streaming of our puppies via Facebook. Most pictures and videos are also available on a shared drive. If you're lucky you may even be able to watch your puppies birth.

Puppy Pack and Registration

The cost of our puppies include AKC registration which we do for you, a go home pack with instructions, food, and toys. Our pups are also appropriately wormed and treated for parasites, micro-chipped, receive first 5 way core vaccines, and a thorough veterinary exam. 

Big Bend Goldens follows the Golden Retriever Club of America’s “Code of Ethics”

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